Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Christmas

I've got a few more posts to catch up on...I've been working hard and haven't had the time to write them up yet but I will. Also, my apologies for not replying to comments for a long time but, again I haven't really had the time. I rely on those of you who do it on my behalf and I'm very grateful to you for it.

Merry Christmas - I hope you all have a decent one, especially in these gloomy economic times. Thank you all for reading the blog and buying the book. Thanks for the hundreds of emails and comments that I have received...mostly positive.

When I started writing this I was easily bothered by those who spent their time trashing whatever I said but now I know it's impossible to please everyone, regardless of the time and great care I take when I compose each post. I have considered quitting from time to time as it seems to be a lot of effort for the time I have available BUT I have thousands of loyal readers and that has kept me going. Now I write knowing that the best I can do is inform and perhaps inspire - what I don't do is please everyone.

So another year marches in and I'm ready for it. I won't finish the next book til near the end of 2009 I expect but I'll do my best. I have other responsibilities and have progressed in my job so I have even less time to spare but I love writing and will plough through it until its done.

Take care all and have a good one!

Xf (Stuart)


TonyF said...

Have A good one!

Tom said...

Keep it up! It is appreciated

Merry Christmas

MarkUK said...

God Geol, as the Saxons said (aka Merry Christmas)

Anonymous said...

all the best to you n yours, and everyone else who visits here) over the festive period. you all do a fantastic job.

as you say, it's impossible to please everyone, so don' long as what you write pleases you, then that's all that matters.

i look forward to more of the same in 2009.

the human body is a wonderful thing, and people will continue to subject it to all manner of punishment, intentional or unintentional. the fact that you and your colleagues are there to pick up the pieces speaks volumes to me.

keep up the good work

all the best


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!

Louise x

Posh Totty said...

Merry Christmas Xx

BeckyG said...

You take care too. I hope you manage to get some rest over the Christmas period, and that when you're out at work you're not toooo inundated with drunks wanting a free ride home (we can hope for this and wish it for you at least, even if it's unlikely). Thanks for the insights you provide through the year in your blog, and thank you too for the fantastic work you do. Speaking as someone who needs to call upon the ambulance service relatively frequently (for severe asthma) I can honestly say that you and your colleagues (around the country) are truly appreciated by those of us who need you. I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for the men and women in green.

Take care and happy Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Just got back from xmas eve partying. I hope you have a good Christmas Stuart, and a Merry New Year and don't have too many piss heads to deal with, although I fear that will be the case after seeing how many where pissed tonight in the village I live in!

Katie/Kat86 (not signed in)

Anonymous said...

well, I love you(r writting and take on life that is)

please dont give up on your blog. You will never please everyone. Besides, do you really want to please people who feel it acceptable to verbally and publically slam your writting?

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the informative and well written blog. Have a great Christmas x

Little Miss Ileostomy said...

Hope you have a lovely Christmas Stu.

You do the most fantastic job, in some pretty horrendous circumstances and I'm sure that for every ungrateful drunk there's a family member who'll thank you each and every day for the care and attention you gave their loved one.

Us MoPs are ungrateful buggers, so thank you. For everything you do, for writing this blog and letting us into your life, and for being you!

Hope that 2009 is a good one for you (mine starts with a 3 hour op.. Fun eh!)

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Stuart. Thanks for the consistency in blogging, the professionalism and patient care is always at a high standard, and great for reflection. Send the drunken Aussies home!
West Australian Ambo.

Elaine said...

You can call me a loyal reader :) I'm half way through your book and I find it so interesting and is a good read. Keep up the great work, and Merry Christmas!! =)

net said...

I've been a reader of your blog for a while, and was given a copy of your book for Christmas-brilliant stuff, it's had me crying with laughter and sadness already!

Thanks for keeping me so entertained, and for inspiring me to live my dream and work towards qualifying as a paramedic myself-got a way to go mind (not even passed my driving test yet!)

Roz said...

Happy New Year!!!

Don't think again about quitting, I love reading this blog!!!

Mike said...

Hope you had a good Christmas. Please don't get put off by a few idiots.

You routinely post the sort of information that ends up being incredibly useful. I've read about how head injuries can result in people becoming argumentative; last month I stopped to help a fellow motorcyclist who'd had a serious accident, where I'd seen him hit his head hard.

When I got to him he was argumentative and uncooperative but I instantly understood why. It gave me the ability to quietly calm him down and stop him from taking his jacket off to inspect the compound fracture to one of his arms.

Thanks Stuart, your blog is probably more useful than you realise.

Fiz said...

Happy New Year, Stuart, and please keep blogging - there are idiots on every blog, but you learn to ignore the biggest ones - or I do, anyway! Be safe!

Jo said...

Hope you had a great Christmas and will have a Happy New Year (and hopefully at least one of those off!) - thank you so much for all of the enjoyment and interest you have given over the last year (and even longer!) - you are the first blog I check when I get into work in the morning, and the one I look forward to the most :-)

Soulgirl said...

Hey, never give up blogging. You'll be surprised but for every negative comment you receive, 50 readers who enjoyed it haven't bothered to tell you ;) Only those with confrontational problems seem to, and it feeds their need.

I found your blog today and find it highly entertaining, informative and at times darkly funny :o) Keep it up!

Karen x