Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The new book

The Street Medic's Survival Guide.

This is the next title and it should be ready at the end of April for launch in May this year. It's aimed at student paramedics and everyone with an interest in the profession and I hope it will serve as a useful reference in highlighting the realities of the job. Here's a quick synopsis!

The Street Medic's Survival Guide has been written by an experienced frontline paramedic to fill a void that exists for everyone embarking on the journey into the profession. Even if you are just thinking about becoming a paramedic, this book will take you through the realities of the job - the stuff they don't tell you in training school or university.

Written with humour and common sense by the author of 'A Paramedic's Diary - Life and Death on the Streets', the book will open your eyes before you embark on the long, arduous training programme that is standard for paramedics-to-be. Everything you need to know about 'out there' is in here, including:

> The recruitment and training process
> Salary and work conditions
> How to use the radio properly without making a fool of yourself
> How to wear uniform properly, including how to iron it!
> Call types and how to handle stress

With illustrations and real-life examples throughout, this book is destined to become the 'how to' bible of paramedicine.

You can pre-order the book by emailing me (not through the comments section please) or going to SP services and, hopefully by the middle of April, Amazon and all the usual outlets. The book will cost £9.99 - a bargain!

Once this book is out I'm going to get my head into the novel, which I hope to finish by Autumn this year - hopefully before I have a heart attack.



stuart said...

Excellent. I will now proceed to put my credit card number in here for pre-order!

Perhaps not. Looking forward to giving it a read anyway

Anonymous said...

Book sounds great!

Good you were doing alot of posts on here today!

Anonymous said...

Really look forward to the release of this Stuart. I've been technician for over a year now but start my Paramedic training in August.

Will it be available with carriers like Amazon on release?

Anonymous said...

hey that's great Stuart - I'm in the middle of my first year of uni paramedic science course so i'm sure it will be really handy!! In fact while i am posting - any tips for getting through my first night shift with the LAS which is coming up this week!!!! :) Do i sleep the day before/am I going to freeze my butt off if I don't wear a long sleeve shirt (which I hate!)/will I need my stab vest!!!!! etc etc etc.......

Maz x

Xf said...


Yes, I hope to get that sorted soon but for now you can order it through SP Services.

All orders shipped directly from me will be signed.

Xf said...


Don't worry...I'm sure the crew will be lovely.

Wear something warm - what about your fleece? If you have a stab vest you must take it with you - wearing it is your choice.

Take some biscuits or cakes in for the crew - it will break the ice. And do as you are told at all times :-)

Enjoy - let me know what station and how you got on.

Lumo said...

Fantastic! Will definitely be buying it. I am trying to get all the experience I can right now and I'm sure your book will be very useful. Would you recommend doing nurse training before becoming a paramedic? After speaking to quite a few paramedics working for EMAS I have had it drilled into my skull to do my nursing first.