Monday, 23 August 2010

Rabid dogs

The torrential rain has eased and tonight was clearer and drier but it didn’t stop yet another driver from trying to kill me as I ran on a call. She turned right ahead of me at a major junction as I sped towards her at 60mph but instead of continuing so that I could just drive past, she stopped dead in the centre of the road, blocking my path. I heard a loud screech from my brakes as I slowed and took evasive action by swerving around her tail. Then she coolly drove off.

The police helicopter (India 99) hovered overhead as I tried to find the scene of a RTC in which a woman had suffered neck injuries and I got three different locations sent to me until I eventually arrived to find a bit of chaos in a narrow street.

An armed pursuit had taken place and the people the cops were chasing had crashed their vehicle (well, the one they'd nicked) before legging it out of the area. They left a poor 50 year-old lady trapped in her car after they’d rammed her off the road. Her door was crushed against a post on the pavement and the passenger door was stuck fast – the front end of her vehicle had been ripped open when they collided.

It took almost an hour to free her from the car. The roof had to be cut off by the Fire Brigade and then she was taken out on a board. She had mild neck pain and lower rib pain but otherwise seemed unhurt. Emotionally, however, she was a wreck. I hope they catch these selfish violent mongrels.

On the subject of violent mongrels, two females, one after the other, approached the car saying they'd been punched in the face. The first girl had been assaulted by another female who thought she deserved it because she was ‘fat’ and the second was punched so hard by a man outside a club that she hit the ground and her nose was broken. ‘I can’t believe a man hit me. No-one deserves this’, she said through angry Irish tears.

Of course, she’s right but as the clubs spilled out in the early hours, the rabid little drunken hounds that muddy the waters for a good night out mixed among those trying to go home peacefully. With such individuals in the crowd, these random, unprovoked assaults are sadly predictable.

Be safe.

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