Saturday, 3 November 2012

Stalking posters

During the years I have been writing this blog, I have been asked to add links so that others can advertise their services and products. I have also been sent hundreds of comments that look as if they are genuine but often contain links to commercial websites or products.

I don't mind this because it is part of the downside to blogging, but I would respectfully ask those who have attempted to post comments, tagged with links to their businesses, to stop doing this on the one post that I feel deserves to be left alone... 'Goodbye JT'.

This post was written as a heart-felt farewell to my dead son, so I find it a little insensitive that those of you with no more than a commercial interest in posting on my blog would choose that particular post to comment on.

I have thousands of legitimate readers and they visit because they want to learn, engage, discuss and argue with me. Please don't bother if all you want to do is sell viagra, or skin lotions, or pay-day loans. I have allowed Google ads to transmit selected items here and that is all I am permitting, so give it up.

Thank you!