Monday, 17 December 2012

Tinsel and stuff

The Season's upon us again. This year, for various reasons, it will be especially nice to be celebrating Christmas with my family. I think I lost sight of the worth of things you never have to buy in life, while a tidal wave of bad luck and bad consequences swept over my head.

I've missed writing regularly of course, but I need the time to completely heal and get things done that must be done if I am to return to the front-line battle that is paramedicine. I've not lost my opinions nor has my attitude evaporated; I'm re-charging my batteries and re-focussing my lenses, that's all.

So, have a lovely Christmas when it comes. I wish you all good health and a happy time over the period. Please don't drink yourselves stupid if you can avoid it and please remember to say something nice to an ambulance crew - even if they aren't actually treating you!

I'm not involved in this year's battle against Festive alcohol-fuelled stupidity and violence. I won't be mopping out a vehicle floor covered in someone's vomit. I won't be assaulted, shouted at, insulted or thrown around London like a caricature of a medical person.... but my colleagues will; my friends will. So I want to take this opportunity to wish them all the best for the season too and to ask them all to be safe and get through it unscathed, so that they can join their families at some point during Christmas and New Year.

I'll speak to you all again in 2013.

Be safe.