Sunday, 29 November 2015

Goodbye to a good man

I've had plenty to write about but have lost the heart to write it in the past year. You know how much we are being crushed under the weight of it all. Too many people need (or think they need) an ambulance and there's far too few of us to help them.

This post isn't about all that and I may just possibly find the impulse to post regularly again next year, we'll see.

I'm posting to say thank you to Sahib Lalli, the police officer who died last week at a young age. My colleagues were unable to save him and I guess that's where our territories divide; greater powers than us decide the outcome, especially for the best of us.

I knew this officer, as I do many of the men and women who work the West End of London. I have spent many hours over the years chatting to the people of the Met and finding out just how human they are... and how vulnerable at times.

Of course, opinions vary when it comes to what we think of our police officers but, as a front line professional, I've needed them and they've needed me on so many occasions that you simply cannot distinguish some of them from your own family.

So, here's to you PC Sab Lal; rest in peace.