Sunday, 12 August 2007

Question answered

Thanks for all your replies to the last posting. I will continue as I have been doing as it is clear the vast majority of you prefer it.

In answer to the queries set in the many comments I received (including by email); the glossary (TPD Glossary), which you can find on the left hand bar, will explain all the terms I use in this blog. Remember this isn't written just for medically minded people.

TPD is written to include the jargon and some of the technical terms because that's how we speak and the diary wouldn't reflect my job if it wasn't included. The glossary is designed to familiarise you with these terms so that you can 'translate' as you read. Many of you will already have become familiar with most of these terms now, I'm guessing.

Cutting down the postings so that only a few calls are written in would probably ruin the timeline, although I'll be careful about repeating too many 'drunk' jobs where possible but I also think that those REAL jobs that come along will catch you out when you have become used to my routine, just as they do for me and my colleagues. That, I think, gives you the feeling of 'being there'.

Once again, thanks for the feedback.


Sian said...

yay im glad that you are going to carry on in the same way.

Saucy Moo said...

I do feel as if I am there with you,a drunk job, even though not as important as say a heart attack is still part of your shift so include them as usual, remember take care.

Andrew J Carr said...

Hi Xf - glad you are continuing to post in the same way. I've become addicted since I found you through NHS Blog Doc.

You never know, we may cross paths in the future as I'm going through the recruitment phase to be a Special Constable in the Met.

Be safe.


Robin said...

Phew! Just got back from a week away from my computer and have now caught up with all my favourite blogs. Saved yours until last because I knew it was going to take time to read.... but I like it that way. Relieved to hear that you are not going to change it. Also wanted to say that I love the photos you take around London. Don't stop!
Thanks for making my day more interesting :o)

Just About Existing said...

Thank you for deciding not to change it :o)
keep up the great work (and writing!)
JAE xx