Tuesday, 17 June 2008


A reader has created a group for the book on FACEBOOK. It's a bit of fun and I'm happy for her to do this, so if you want to join, here's the link!


Otherwise just go onto Facebook and search 'a paramedic's diary'.

Well, it's publicity for the written word, isn't it? I hadn't thought of this because I'm a bit shy when it comes to blatant self-publicity but the real world is all about that, right? Next stop Big Brother!



Fiz said...

Stuart - Big Brother...no.....!!!!

Xxlauren T xX said...

this is going to sound really random but hey. As part of a project we each got given an illness and had to find out how paramedics deal with it from when they get on scene to when they arive to hospital. Unfortunately i got conccusion as an illness to research and havent been able to find anything!! I was wonderin if you could tell me just breifly what u would do if u turned up to a scene with some1 with these symptoms:

was hit over head and immediately fell unconscious
woke up within seconds but had a faded in and out of consciousness
had a vacant stare
confused and has attempted to be sick but failed more than 3 times.
I know this will sound random but thats what i was given any help at all would be great!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi xf at time of writing this u already got 38 members!! I ave read your book,excellent, when 2nd book coming out? u do a great job xf
take care and chill

Anonymous said...

no!!! dont do it. That place is for weirdos, chavs and pathetic wannabes. Your better than that.

Xf said...

fiz and dani

Only kidding...wouldn't go near Big B if they asked me to...or would I? :-)

Xf said...


Sorry for the delay....I get lots of emails with these questions...

Concussion is more likely to be confirmed when the patient's behaviour demonstrates it. For example, they often repeat the same thing over and over again, having forgotten that they've said it a million times before. They will also have forgotten the immediate period before they were knocked out.

This patient would get oxygen and a full set of obs. They may also, depending on mechanism, be collared and boarded in case of C-Spine damage.

A close eye would be kept on them and off they'd go to hospital.

I hope that helps.

Xf said...


I'm working on the second book but it's slow going. Thanks for your comment.