Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Update on stuff

Just a quick note to let you know that I am aware that the poll has lasted almost two months but I wanted to get a bigger 'sample' on that one, so it's staying for a couple of months. Also, I have real trouble with the company that provides these for me...their software lets me down a LOT.

I'm writing another book and it will be radically different. Fiction for a start. If you haven't already bought my first book, please do...it will help encourage me to carry on writing (which takes a lot out of me) and will help YOU to understand the terminology I use here. You'll also get to know me better. The book is NOT a copy of the blog; it's full of original material which has never been used here.

If you can't bear to part with cash, join the Facebook site that Pollyanna started - just type in 'A Paramedic's Diary' and it should come up in the groups section. That way you can 'talk' to me and other readers, as well as keep right to date on what I'm doing.

I'm still toying with the possibility of moving this entire site to my own domain but not sure if I'll cause more problems than I solve. Any help would be appreciated.

Am in the garden tidying up today (a rare day of rest) and waiting for Scruffs to re-appear after he ran off when I brought the lawn mower out.



Jo said...

I got your book for my birthday, and it was fantastic! :-) I really enjoyed it (read it in an evening...), and have even more admiration for the work that you do than I did already!

Joe said...

You're still toying with it? Thats what you said about 18 months ago!!! Ha!

To be honest, you may well be better off with your own privately hosted blog. However you would lose *some* exposure that you currently gain by being listed in the blogspot directory.

It would definitely give you more freedom to do as you choose. You could also consolidate all of the posts from your present and your AOL blog as well, which would make life easier for new readers.

If you want to discuss it in more detail, then feel free to drop me a line at my Gmail.


Franko said...

Since I wanted to be a paramedic, and we don't have that kind of EMS here in Croatia, I applied to med school. I'm still thinking about being a doc, who would work in an ambulance (you know how these things work in Croatia).

Last April I visited London and went to The Science Museum (love it!). At the end of my exploration of the museum I entered in the museum shop and the bookshop (Coz I always want to have some physical evidence I was somewhere lol) and one thing caught my eyes (or my eyes caught it :)) It was green-yellow book, with blood drops and stains on it, medic sign and word 'paramedic'. I bought in a very compulsive fashion and didn't regret AT ALL. Actually it made me more aware of being paramedic (or doctor working in an ambulance), troubles and gave me more 'mind stuff' to contemplate.

Can't wait your new book! Please let us know when it's going to be available in stores. Maybe it's going to be a good reason to visit London and buy it in the museum's bookshop :)

Hey, it's 'The X-Files: I want to believe' movie world premiere today! :)) I'm sure you won't miss it (I'm damn sure I won't!! lol).

Cheers from Croatia!


Dave said...

If you're happy with Blogger's facilities then you could consider using the Custom Domain service. It's the easiest change you could make. http://help.blogger.com/bin/topic.py?topic=12451

Fiz said...

I hope Scruffs is home now. I had to have my beautiful blue/cream Persian put to sleep last Tuesday - there was nothing else the vet could do.

[kerry pringle] said...

My recommendation: Jost your own site.

Dreamhost.com has really good packages, you can one click install joomla and for a blog, it will work extremely well. As well as promoting the rest of your stuff.

My 2p worth!

Jo said...

Also - totally off topic - today's Matt is rather apt:
(if you are not seeing this on 23rd July, then click on previous till you get to it...)

Christopher said...

Setting up your own site is very simple, and Wordpress makes publishing the blog very easy. You can even migrate the content from your current blog to the new one. It would give you much more control over the site, that's for sure.
If you need any advice, or want someone to do the hard work for you, just give me a message, christopher @t chrisjoice dot co dot uk

Hope you keep it up whatever you do, I enjoy reading!

Carl said...

I'd definitely recommend switching to a "proper" domain and your own hosting with the excellent Wordpress. Having your own blog rather than a free remotely hosted blog will allow you to do much more.

I've just finished reading your book, which I've really enjoyed. Great you are writing another one.

Feel free to drop me an email (carl AT csnewmedia.co.uk) remove AT with @ and no spaces. Hosting/Domains and everything else web is what I've done for a living for the last 3 years :) It should be possible to transfer all your posts from this blog to Wordpress too.

Mayonnaise said...

Would you prefer that your readers from the US did not participate in this poll? I don't want to skew your results if this is about number of knives in the UK...

If you DO want people outside the UK voting... what kind of knives are you talking about? Do Swiss pocket knives count? How about the knife in a leatherman multitool? What about foldable pocket knives without multitools? Or are we just talking about illegal types of weapon only knives?