Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Book worm

I've started 2009 with LOTS of enthusiasm about writing new stuff and I will probably kill myself doing it. I want to write at least two new books this year...possibly three. I am working on a fictional novel called 'The Station', based on real calls in and around London and using characters I know well BUT I don't know if I should produce one big book or create a periodical short story series, like a soap opera. Let me know what you think.

I'm also writing a street-wise guide for paramedics-to-be and anyone else interested in the profession. This should be finished by the Summer.

Finally, I want to start work later in the year on a compilation of the funniest, stupidest stories that paramedics around the world have to tell from their own experiences. I'd like you to submit (by email) any stories you think may be fit for a book - I can't pay you 'cos that would be financially impossible BUT I will credit you (and if you have enough stories of your own, I may even give you a chapter with your name on it) Oh and you'll get free copies, the number would depend on your contribution and the publisher's discretion.

I have hundreds of professional readers around the world, so it would be great to hear from you. Remember you must submit them by EMAIL and they must be true...obviously you may elaborate a little to disguise the identity of people and places.

So, tell me what you think. This is going to be very hard work and my wife isn't pleased with me (she thinks I take on way too much) but I will go for it if there's a demand.



Jo said...

Wow! That is an amazing committment - I wish you all the best with it (and look forward to reading the books!)

For "The Station" - I like the idea of a collection of short stories with the same characters (possibly fairly similar to your blog layout?)

I'd love to read all three books :-D

Alison Craig said...

For funny stories - have a look at the Canadian paramedic's story (your link)involving an RTA, a moose and a bear. At least you probably don't have those hazards.

Thanks for the blog. I enjoy it.

1st Year said...

The book with the ideas from other professionals sounds like a great idea, even only being a first year student, I could think of loads. The street-wise-guide could also be great for trainee paramedics and for all those considering the job.
All you do is great, and although I'm half way through getting ready for a nightshift myself, I still find myself reading!

stuart said...

I'd love to be able to contribute to the book but I don't have any exciting First aid stories :(

But the street wise guide sounds awesome - I'm hoping that'll come sooner, rather than later

Drip Stand said...

Nice one Stuart....I'll loojk forward to reading the new books.

I have plenty of police "war stories" if you're interested....some of 'em are even medically related!

Cath said...

Great ideas, all of them! I think you should make several shorter books, it's really hard to keep readers interested during the whole brick of a book. It's also a lot easier to take a smaller book with you, and you can collect them and your friends will know what to give you for your birthday :-)

Fiz said...

I agree with Mrs xf - do you want to kill yourself? I mean, I'll read what you write, but not at the expense of you knocking yourself out!

Shotgun said...

I am VERY interisted on the possibility of a street wise guide for paramedics to be!!
I'm from Wellington, NZ and have been volunteering with SJA for a year and am about to undertake a Bachelor of Health Science in Paramedic in afew weeks and am desperately searching for anything that can help prepare me.
I have found your blog to be an amazingly useful resource and I can't tell you how grateful I am to you for taking the time outta your day to contribute your experiences with us.
I will continue to follow your blog for aslong as you write and am currently in the process of trying to hunt down a copy of your book(and eagerly await the ones in the making, even if it means getting them shipped to NZ!
I hope to be able to inspire other young medics in the same way you have done for me.
Thanks again:)

Chris said...

Looking forward to the publishing of the streetwise guide - it's release will co-incide perfectly with me starting my ambulance career (all going well)

Emily T said...

All sounds great! Good luck :)

Steve Irwin said...

Wishin you all the best mate. From a generally silent follower. Keep up the good work and I look forward to Reading all the fun soon

Anonymous said...

Certinally some good stories from down here in deepest, darkest SWAST territory, including a woman knocked over by a sheep!

Viking83 said...

that street wise book sounds ereally good and useful, please keep us posted!!!

Ian said...

Can't wait for the books! Keep up the fantastic work.

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for a long time. Very good stuff, plus Just bought your first book today to add to my heap of books to read though I think It will make it to the top of the pile....
Good luck with book two - a very good idea. I can't really contribute as not a health pro, only St John amb Radio coms, first aid and youth stuff.
Take care

Kate, UK

petrolhead said...

They all sound brilliant, I'd definitely read all of them!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the streetwise guide for paramedics, i know it has been said already but im hoping to start a paramedics degree next year and i cant think of anything more helpful than a street wise guide!
its a fantastic idea and would no doubt help so many people like myself get that one step further to where we want to be :)
good luck, cant wait