Friday, 8 January 2010

Bloody weather

I've been unable to get into work because I am virtually trapped at home by local untreated roads, so nothing new to report. I hope my colleagues have been safe and well out there though because we aren't as well off as the Red Cross and don't have 4x4's trucking around for our patients, so the tyre condoms will be on when things get tough...

Oh, thank you to the people who have pressed the 'donate' button and given a little to support this blog. One of you even paid for my next coffee and pannini! If you have no objections I will use the money to buy Harry and Scruffs stuff since their images have kept you all amused over the years (or months, in the case of little H).

I'll be back next week.



TBL said...

G'day from Australia, can we exchange links?


Dominic said...

Hope the ice & snow clears off the roads near you soon!

Recieved "Life & Death On The Streets" for Christmas. It's a fantastic read, really interesting to hear true stories of some of the most bizarre, sad and happy call-outs, just like the Blog itself.

I also loved the detailed definitions in bold every so often.

Keep Well,

Dominic (Aged 15)

MarkUK said...

Dominic, you sound both interested & intelligent; are you thinking of a career in Emergency Medicine?

Dominic said...

Hi Mark,

Yup, I think I definitely want a career in Emergency Medicine, preferably working as a Paramedic/Medical Technician.

This depends on my Epilepsy though, if it doesn't work out, then I would like to work as an A&E Nurse.

All the blood & gore doesn't bother me!

Mark said...

Happy New Year! Thank you for such a great blog! Keep up the good work. And yes, life and death on the streets is a fantastic book!

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind me hijacking your comments t wish Dominic luck in his chosen career.... he has just convinced me to purchase your book!
Hope you are managing to get out and about now- I had a bit of a hair raising car stuck in snow incident this am... but all ended well (and my boss made me a sympathy cuppa when i finally made it to work). Minty x

headless said...

Stuart - the less that goes into Starbucks' pockets the better! Spend it howsoever you wish...

Gordonjcp said...

How well do the tyre condoms work? I was thinking about getting a set, but I've discovered that a set of snow chains that will fit my car will also fit my work van.

Obviously the tyre condoms are cheaper and easier to fit and store, but if they don't work well, there's not a lot of point ;-)

Xf said...


Use the chains. The condoms are okay but they wear down quickly and especially when taken onto roads where there is little or NO snow and ice - for example where side streets are slippery but the road have been treated.

They'd be fine if you were travelling on only untreated minor roads at slow speed but as a cheap and cheerful solution, they'd do for a few hours.