Monday, 18 October 2010


It's different being on the desk as part of the 'core team' rather than as a 'when I want to do overtime' person. It's also good for me; I'm getting to grips with a lot of the stuff my brain should know but my soul had lost the will to help it remember. We don't get challenged out there; not medically anyway. After a while its pretty much all the same and very few jobs throw an unpredictable spanner at you; one in which you are forced to think on your feet. The desk, however, well that's different.

My colleagues dubbed it the 'Google desk' but when a call comes in (and a lot do, 24 hours a day), with a clinical, social or general query, you have to have an answer - the crews and other professionals out there are depending on it, so it's a bit of a mind-number sometimes. We give advice and support on every aspect of the job, we cancel, upgrade and downgrade calls when necessary and we keep track of the elderly and the unwell. I think it serves a purpose and is of great value. Whether I'd like to stay on and do it permanently once my secondment is over, I still don't know. I'm a front-line clinical grunt. I'm happy out there but I need to change my view.

I also get to see and hear every call that comes through the 999 service to us - it's a different perspective and helps me appreciate what they do up there in Control. The two worlds should meet more often; that way there would be less 'them and us' about the system. We all work for the same goal after all.

Be safe.


Zaynab said...

Hi Stuart / Mr Gray,


I'm hoping to do a segree in Paramedic Science next year after finishing my A Levels and your blogs are really inspiring.

I hope you figure out what it is that you want to do.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the last part of what you've written. I think there'd be a very different story if we all had to see the job each other does on a more regular basis...

Amanda said...

Hi Stuart - I'm so glad you are still writing your blog. I have been following it and reading your books for a year now, after deciding to pursue a career as a paramedic. I started Access to HE in Sept and am currently doing my UCAS app. Fingers crossed I get a place to study the Paramedic Science Foundation Degree next year. You have been such an inspiration to me - I hope you manage to come to some conclusions soon. Good luck to you and to everyone in a similar position as me! Take care, Amanda. PS I will be buying your new book if/when it is published.