Monday, 1 November 2010

Tonsilpus is on the move

This little red ball has been causing quite a stir and we've already had good publicity about him in the Press and on Radio. He's just come back from Holland and will go to Northern Ireland next - after that a few more UK locations are planned and then he goes out to Canada, the USA and Mexico. Australia, New Zealand an Tasmania are on his tour list too.

BUT - he's trying to raise money for the London Air Ambulance and it's been slow-going on that front, so please help if you can. I know a lot of you asked to host him and since the launch I've moved a lot of the emails over to the Gmail account. If you haven't been notified and you are still keen to have him, please contact me on or complete the application on the website. Quite a lot of the original hosting emails I got here have either gone astray or haven't replied to the mail sent to them - wake up :-)

I want to make this fun for everyone. Who knows where it could go if enough people get involved! His website address is on the link line above. Go and watch his Youtube movie!

If you are Press, drop me an email and we can chat about him.



Truffle (FutureHEMSDoc) said...

How about mentioning him on Russell Howard's blog for his Good News BBC 3 programme? Would be good publicity UK wide and would probably spark a lot of interest if he was chosen to appear on the show.

The website for it is:


Xf said...

Hey Truffle - how you doin!

Hmm...trouble is there seems no way of actually contacting him directly and I have limited time to give this project as I am pretty much on my own with it right now.

I'll see what I can do.

Hope you're well.

Anonymous said...

(tasmania is part of australia... no need to mention it separately :) )

Xf said...


I know but I thought I'd give you a special section in his travels as you are 'off the coast' as it were.


arkonite_babe said...

Mr Tonsilpus has arrived in Northern Ireland safely :)

Japh said...

Special little Tassie getting special mentions lol.