Monday, 25 July 2011

The thing about dead stars is...

I was working when this call came in. Our crews did an excellent job and were very professional about it all. Of course, inevitably, the news leaked out and it was all over Twitter, then Wikipedia, then the 'proper' news picked it up. Amy Winehouse was found dead and, apart from what I've written so far, that's as much as I can go into the subject.

Every now and then this job throws up 'special' cases, where we get up close and personal with ill, dying or dead celebrities. But they are just human being, aren't they? What makes them different is our perspective of them. Nevertheless, it's still a huge testament to this profession that crews dealing with these individuals behave no differently than they would if it was your mother or brother. They might be a bit phased, or if they are a fan, a little shocked and grieved, but the actions are the same; the procedure is professional.

Amy Winehouse had a family and friends, just like everyone else. Forget who she was and what she achieved; she'd dead and her family will be grieving about it, just like any normal family. The Press will help to make her death a publicity vehicle but her nearest and dearest will not be interested in the hype. They, like the relatives of any other dead person we encounter, will want to remember her as the person they knew, and we couldn't imagine.

Her version of Valerie was played at my wedding, as part of the list of songs we specially requested. I was never a great fan of everything she did, but she was an extremely talented and unique singer. So I hope her family and friends are given the peace they deserve.

Be safe.


Mjolinir said...

Xf - What saddens me almost as much as the waste of a young life - is the amount of 'comments' on press reports & blogs expressing a perverse pleasure in her death - even 'hoping' that other well known people should die in similar circumstances.

Fiz said...

Personally, I hope she is found to have died from natural causes - that would silence all the howling hypocrites.