Thursday, 18 October 2012

Shut your mouth

THIS has to be one of the scariest pieces of legislation that has ever been created.

I've often ranted on the rights of everyone to say what they mean and for those who feel 'insulted' or 'offended' to deal with it because such things are emotive and personal and there is no way of measuring them fairly. In fact, this post will be offensive to some, simply because I have stated that!

The law is pushing us all into an abyss of fear, where only those who believe themselves righteous will have a say and those of us with an alternative viewpoint or a different opinion, will be arrested for speaking out.

Does this law extend to MP's? Aren't they forever insulting each other? Aren't they always causing some form of offence in order to make clear their opposition to a rival's opinion?

This is very, very dangerous indeed. It will spell the end of this blog and the very freedom of speech that we all have a right to practise. It will insult the memories of all those who gave their lives in order to protect us from losing our born rights, including the tyranny of a minority, hell-bent on being 'offended', whatever you say to them!

Please join me and get on board with Rowan Atkinson and Stephen Fry - two very outspoken individuals who've become famous for insulting others in the name of comedy. Go HERE and vote for this rubbish law to be repealed before you say something to the neighbour's cat and find yourself arrested as a result.


I am back at work but not quite fit for duty as yet... that'll take a few more months I suspect. Residual pain and limited strength has rendered me useless in the real world. But I'll be back. You know I will ;-)



Mjolinir said...

Welome (part way) back, Xf.

Tom said...

There's an official petition against this at but it has a shockingly low number of signatures.

JR said...

I'm insulted that lawmakers think I'm so spineless that I can't exist in the real world without being swaddled in legal cotton wool. Does that mean they will get nicked (possibly with an additional charge of wasting police time)?

Glad you're on the mend Stuart.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The Government here in Oz is talking of bringing in new legislation on bullying in the workplace, part of it says Rolling yor eyes is a form of bullying.!!! What the hell is wrong with people.???