Saturday, 15 September 2007

I'm so lazy

Yep. Haven't been able to post a damned thing, even though I have enough of it written down.

I have been re-structuring the book and I only have a few weeks left before it goes to press so it's got to be right. Lots of new stuff going in there...stuff I've never blogged, so it should appeal to regulars and new readers alike.

I'll be off next week so should be able to post every day for you.

My apologies to those of you that I have agreed to publish as guest writers. I will create a link to a separate place for that. If you want to write something as a guest, feel free but here are the rules:

1. NO profanity at all.

2. It must be well written and as grammatically correct as possible...please.

3. No personal, racist, sexist or other 'ist stuff if you don't mind.

4. Humour. If you have it.




Jeanie/Jenny said...

You lazy never, enjoy your time off and relax.

Alana said...

i would like to thank the FRU people who are out there for the work they do, if it wasnt for u guys i would be dead right now.

i suffered a very serious anyphylactic reaction to a medication prescriped for a chest infection and if it wasnt for the FRU staff being so quick thinking i wouldnt be here right now, so thanks again