Saturday, 16 February 2008

Radio Ga Ga

If you are interested, I have a number of radio interviews lined up to promote the book. There hasn’t really been any serious effort to raise awareness of ‘Life & death on the streets’ because the Christmas period is a bad time to do it, so it’s all kicking off now and I’m going to be busy by all accounts.

Here is the list if you want to listen in, otherwise I will try to stick the podcasts onto the blog and you can download them any time you like. My first interview took place on Friday for BBC 3 Counties Radio – you can listen to that here for the next few days only. You need to click on the LORNA MILTON show and scroll forward in time until about 4.15pm to catch it.

The upcoming shows are as follows (Follow the link and click on 'listen again', scroll through to the correct time and hope it works!):

Wednesday 20th
Time Radio Station, presenter
9.00am BBC Radio Humberside - Morning Show

9.30am BBC Wiltshire/Swindon - Ollie Dearden

10am BBC Southern Counties - live with Neil Pringle

10.30am BBC Newcastle (pre-recorded for 2.30pm) - Alfie Joey

11.00am BBC Bristol - live with Dave Barrett

11.30am BBC Manchester - live with Heather Stott

12.00pm BBC Merseyside (pre-recorded for Thu 10am) - Shaun stiles

12.30pm BBC Coventry & Warwickshire - live Annie Othen

1.00pm BBC Solent - live Charlie Crocker

1.30pm BBC Stoke (pre-recorded for 4pm drivetime) - Paula White

2.00pm BBC Hereford & Worcester

Thursday 21st
9.00am BBC Sheffield (pre-recorded for ??)

9.30am BBC Lancashire - live with Steve Royle

10.00am BBC Shropshire (pre-recorded for ??) - Brett Davison

10.30am BBC Cumbria - live with Ian Timms

11.30am BBC Cambridge (pre-recorded for ??) - Claire Ashford

12.00pm BBC Berkshire - live with Henry Kelly

1.00pm BBC Gloucester (pre-recorded for ??)

Wednesday 27th
11.00am BBC Asian Network Radio

2.30pm BBC Radio Five Live - Simon Mayo



Merys said...

Are you not expecting sales in Yorkshire then ?

miss emma said...

looking forward to listening in!

(you still haven't mentioned the FRU guy from the 9th feb post... was he okay?)

hope you had a great valentine's day!


Xf said...

Hi Merys

Not up to me I'm afraid. The promo stuff is dealt with by the publisher but I'm sure if I behave myself on air I will get around the UK eventually! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi xf I listened to the interview, you came over very well, and maybe give people food for thought! very professional, I have read your book very addictive, once you start reading it, hard to put it down,
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I took the book with me to Italy over half term. Read it on the flights there and back. It was really good, although I do remember already reading bits, which felt a bit bit odd!

Completely enjoyed it. Great book.

Anonymous said...

i bought your book and read it all solidly for a day. it was really easy to read and i liked the boxes of medical terms. really interesting book! thank you! carly