Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Radio update

Sorry! I've been asked by a few of you to provide links to the stations so that you can listen in later on. So, I have provided an updated list of shows, live and pre-recorded, with (hopefully) working links either directly to the station home page or to the 'play again' screen. You may need to download a player to hear the shows though!

It's all going well so far but I'm a bit nervous about the speed of it all. Won't stop me doing my night shifts at the weekend though, will it?



miss emma said...

Just listened to one of your interviews! well done! hopefully you will have got the message across to some people that they shouldn't use you as a taxi service!

News from Monday Books said...

Just a quick note on the radio shows Stuart has been appearing on (and specifically in relation to the question from the lady who asked about Yorkshire).
We've approached pretty much everyone (we didn't leave Yorkshire out!) and some stations either haven't made their minds up or felt it didn't quite fit with their schedules. Of course, we wish they'd all said yes (and sorry if you're in an area where you can't hear him on a radio) but you can't argue with their editorial decisions, obviously.
Listening to a few of the chats yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by how interested the presenters were in the subject - they seemed to 'get' the book, which isn't always the case.
There is some national radio also coming up, but I'll leave it to Stuart to say what and when as it's still under discussion.
Dan Collins
Monday Books