Friday, 26 June 2009


Have a read at this.... a letter to drunks from a hard working and pissed off ECA.

I'm not the only one saying it like it is.



Fee said...

I've only once attended A&E on a Friday night, and I was stone cold sober. I think I was the only non-staff member who wasn't pissed. I was treated sooooo well. Five months pregnant + dodgy ankle had led to a wee tumble down the stairs, then a taxi ride to hospital. I did get a telling off for that, they said I should have called an ambulance. I felt like enough of a fraud being there without arriving in a big white van! I was never so glad to leave somewhere in my life. It was like a war zone, and the staff have my respect for keeping their cool.

Andy Clark said...

I reckon a form of this letter should become the standard advert of the NHS.

There could be a load of them, read out over the radio or on tv, because this really makes a good hard hitting point.

I'm not sure it would change much, but its a better effort than many other NHS/Governments initiatives!

MarkUK said...

Powerful letter - maybe drunks should be made to copy it out 100 times, to help them get the message.

Chapati said...

V.V. Well written!

Fiz said...

That was an extremely good letter! Stuart, you and Kat should be Ministers for A&E!

Katie said...

I know its overdue but thank you for the link. Its always nice to be appreciated.