Friday, 5 June 2009

Yes, yes I know!

I haven't written anything for a while but I've been very pre-occupied with the book and getting it out there - it's been a long slog and I want to get them onto the shelves obviously, otherwise what was the point?

Now, SP Services are distributing it and they have recognised the problem that some people identified in their minimum sales price (you had to buy at least £10 worth of goods), so they've reduced it to £9.99 to accomodate the book cost. Awfully nice I think.

When you get your paws on it, please be kind enough to review it (you'll have to go to Amazon or Waterstones online to do that). In fact, review the first book (A Paramedic's Diary; Life & Death on The Streets) too if you haven't already done so because this is my best guide to how well, or badly I'm doing.

If Street Medic is successful, I will be writing another edition for next year (on top of everything else).

Enjoy the book and for those of you looking at a career as a paramedic - good luck!



Viking83 said...

Just ordered Street Medic from my local medical bookstore.

Charlie2Hotel said...

So I bought gloves for no reason, ah here :p

Ah well not a problem, i was tempted just to buy 1 dressing for like 20p but then the gloves caught my eye lol

Peter Jensen said...

If you want the book shipped to Belgium it'll cost you more than 25 UK-pounds shipping charges; a bit expensive me thinks!

Xf said...

Really?! Who did you try to buy it from?

I am trying to get my distributor to keep the cost of this down, so please let me know if you have problems getting it abroad.

Anonymous said...


Books just arrived to day... and Iv finished it already great though really good info-Im leaving the army to become a paramedic.

Read your first book, also very good

Keep them coming.


Anonymous said...

Hey Stuart,

The book was delivered yesterday and it was finished yesterday. Funny and informative.

It's filled a void for people like me looking to join the service who needed this little bit of extra information but had nowhere to get it from.

I look forward to reading what else you have in the pipeline.


Bouncy said...

I pre-ordered mine ages ago but still no sign of it :(

Maybe I'll borrow a friend's copy, she finished hers the day she got it!

Charlie2Hotel said...

Hi stuart,

Come home after shift, walk in pop the kettle on next thing doorbell goes, nerighbour with parcel for me that was delivered to his house cause i was at work.

In the package, your book (along with aformentioned gloves :P)

So relaxing at the end of my shift, boots up brew in one hand book in the other, lovely jubbly

Cheers for signing it too

ViatorT said...

Hi stuart,
(this may turn out to be some sort of record)but I got your book today, and finished it.
In 4 hours...
And Im pleased to say, its fantastic and more than informative, and , if anybody hasnt got it yet, they really should, I'm hoping to study paramedic sciences next year and the info within informed me of stuff I didn't have a clue about.
V.interesting.V.Good.V much worth buying!

A great read

AdamA said...

Your survival guide arrived in the post from Amazon today, rather handily as I finished reading your diary yesterday.

Both well worth the beer tokens.
I'm now even more determined to become a para in three years time when I leave the army after 22 years.

Uni at the age of 40? I must be mad!

Keep up the good work Stuart. On the streets and the keyboard.