Thursday, 12 November 2009

Street Medic - second print

The reprinted version of 'The Street Medic's Survival Guide' is now available through SP Services and my usual stockists. There were a few minor quality faults that I felt the need to redress, so I have worked on them and replaced every single stock copy of the book with a new, improved version!

The text was printed too close to the margins of the pages, making it difficult to read without breaking the spine, so I have increased the margin slightly. Unfortunately, increasing the margin increases the page number and I am reluctant to send more trees to their deaths for the sake of a minor flaw, so I have only increased it enough to make the book perfectly readable on opening. There are now 84 pages instead of 80.

There were also a couple of very minor typo's. On page 21 the CRB note has been inadvertently cut, so it is incomplete. It should read 'CRB - soon to change; from October 2009 the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) will hold information on individuals which will be available free to employers and organisations wishing to check if their prospective employee can work with children and vulnerable people. Other ‘regulated activities’ will be covered and if you aren’t registered - or are barred from certain activities, then your Service may not be able to employ you.'

I have simplified the page heading and page number footers so they look cleaner and the widows and orphans (lonely single lines at the beginning and end of the pages) have been repaired.

On page 79 'Zulu zulu' should read 'Zebra zebra'!

About three spelling/grammatical errors were also identified and repaired.

And that's it. First print editions do tend to carry the teething problems associated with deadlines, so I hope I have now sorted things out. If you have a copy of the book, it is a rarity now because only a few thousand were printed with the errors. You can now go off and Ebay it!

If you are starting Paramedic Science or are thinking of going into frontline Paramedicine, click on the link (the post title), go to SP and buy the book!!



Anonymous said...

I will definitely buy it... but the link still points to the first edition of the book.

JB102 said...

I'm going to stick with my original. It's signed for one and I reckon the first edition has got to be worth more with the limited errors in. If I could only get your authors notes I could make a killing!

ViatorT said...

Can I just Recommend this book?
I purchased it specfically for the reason mentioned in bold above,Its been invaluable in getting me through the application process!
Thanks stuart,

Xf said...


The second print looks exactly the same and SP now ONLY have the new one in stock.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering...
is your service obliged to take those callers with minor illness/injury to hospital even though they have their own tranport or family/friends with transport who could convey them instead. I am prompted to ask this after reading your post on the lady with a reaction to drugs who, you state, you merely drove her to hospital with her relatives. Why didn't they drive her?
I have, when appropriate, advised callers or relatives to use their own transport and mostly they are more than happy to do so.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I recently bought your book (Life & Death on the Streets) and am having difficultly putting it down. It is one of the best books I have read in a long time - and I have read some pretty amazing books. I have absolute respect for the work a paramedic does, particularly after having their services only last week. I am epileptic and suffered a couple of seizures and the service I received was second to none, I live in Northumberland in a remote area.

Anyway, just to say, I think you're great and keep up the good work. I have you on my blogroll - hope that's okay.

Best Regards, Kathryn (Crystal Jigsaw)

Xf said...

Crystal Jigsaw

Thank you for your comments. Of course you can add me to your blogroll...the more the merrier!

Xf said...


We are not obliged and I have recommended other means of getting to hospital BUT I work for a very nervous service and my role on the car is specifically for the conveyance of those who do not need to go by ambulance but who nevertheless need to go. I have no qualms about leaving people at home or letting them make their own way.

Charlie2Hotel said...

Oh wow, rare and signed, my copy has doubled in value!!!!!! Going on to eBay with a buy it now price of 6p ha ha only kidding.......ill hold out a bit longer might get 8p if i play it right

Carly said...

awesome book, used it through the application process for LAS student paramedic, and will now be heading your way in January to start at Hannibal House.... :)