Monday, 30 November 2009


It's that time of year again and I'm up for a Health Blogger nomination. Last year I did well and have obviously been able to get free meals and hotel stays in all the top places as a result of my new-found fame (yeah, right).

I may have left it a bit late this year... possibly too late, but it would be nice to update the little winners medals on the blog, so please click on the button and VOTE FOR ME. See you at the next movie premiere :-)

And while am at it... can you please drop a review on Amazon for either A Paramedic's Diary or The Street Medic's Survival Guide if you bought one. I'm beginning to look like a poorly-read author.

Ta very much.

People's HealthBlogger Award - Help Stuart win!


Kieran said...

You can count on a vote from me mate! I'll get my flatmates voting too,

Kieran- student paramedic.

Emily R said...

Your blog is fantastic (and very insightful/inspirational to the aspiring paramedics among us :P). I voted! :-)

Fee said...

Yep, count one more vote!

Joe said...

You've got my vote, and a slightly weird review on amazon, not sure what I was thinking!

Alex(is) said...

Hi, I voted, and shall write you a review on Amazon..I stumbled across your book by chance a long way from home early this year... I am excited to have found your blog and think you give a wonderfully realistic insight into a profession I have long had yearnings for. Thank you