Sunday, 22 August 2010

Misty nonsense

No time for a VDI this evening as a Red3 was passed to me and I was sent to a 'broken nose'. I couldn’t get an answer from anyone about why this would be categorised so high but when I got on scene I found police with a male who’d been badly beaten up and who’d sustained very deep, almost to-the-bone lacerations to his face.

The man was an ice cream vendor and he’d been attacked during an argument. The assailant had pulled his T-shirt over his head and then proceeded to punch him heavily with a hand that was covered in rings. The poor man’s face was a mess and he had a broken nose and possible broken cheek. The possibility of a fractured base of skull was real too, so I got an ambulance for him as soon as possible.

Once again, society’s Neanderthals show off their big-man prowess by beaten the hell out of someone who flogs sweets from a van. Regardless of what the argument may have been about, there is no need to make a point by trying to kill someone. I know the price of a '99' has gone up considerably but, please...

Once again the battery drained on the car as I sat on stand-by waiting for the next call, trying to demist my windscreen. The fan was running at top speed for only a few minutes and the screen stubbornly refused to clear, giving me the prospect of a dangerous journey to the abdo pain that had come in. Unfortunately the power required to achieve (or in this case, fail to achieve) the task of producing visibility removed the power required to start the engine. So, I was off the road and waiting for another rescue.

Luckily, within an hour, the man in the van showed up and I was empowered once more. I didn't do anything after that though. Everyone seemed to have forgotten I was around.

Be safe.

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