Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mr T's Facebook group

I've created the FB group for you all to join. Please click on the photo of him on the left side bar to join. Alternatively, click on the title above to go directly to it.

So far, he has been invited to more than 40 different places around the world and will be going out for a day or two with some very important people! If you want him for a while, please join the group. If you are not on FB or you don't want to join FB, please email your request instead.

I hope to create a website for him as he travels, so pics and videos will also appear on that.

Let's have some fun!



Anonymous said...

Are there any prehospital care nurses from the UK on this blog? I would like to get some information on working in the UK as a prehospital care nurse.

Thanks a lot!



Kath said...

I've joined :) If he'd like to come to sunny... ahem... Preston in Lancs, he's welcome!