Monday, 13 February 2012

Man in pants skates for dog

Now this is just plain stupid. I'd do pretty much anything for Scruffs the cat but I don't think it would include leaving my family without a husband and father. There have been a number of recorded deaths as the result of humans putting their own lives before that of animals and it all seems poetic on the outside and, I suppose, should you successfully negotiate thin ice in your underwear and bring 'Tappy' the dog back from the brink, then you would feel proud, but very few dogs have actually drowned in these circumstances - many of them scrambled to safety by themselves... usually after the human drowned trying to get to them. Maybe the animals saw what was going on, realised that if they stayed much longer they'd end up just like the daft two-legged rescuer, and made a proper bid for freedom.... with their four able legs.

It's been very cold recently, so not only are the dog-rescuers coming to the fore, but the elderly are suffering as usual. Among those are individuals who fought in a war to entitle us to charge them exorbitant sums for the privilege of switching on the gas. I heard one old lady say she had a simple choice, 'eat or heat'. I feel a lot of shame for our society.

BBC Three Counties Radio have asked me to say a few words on the Jonathan Vernon-Smith show from about 9.45am on Monday, 20th February. Listen in if you can; I might say something pithy :-)

Be safe.

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