Friday, 24 February 2012

Radio Gaga


This is the interview from the beginning of the week. Even the Beau, who came with me (cos it was Daddy day), enjoyed himself and sat in with the DJ, although he doesn't look too impressed!

If anyone out there has software to record this as it streams, can you do it for me and send me a Wav or MP3 file of it? Thanks!

I'm still battling for the return of Mr Tonsilpus but I think I'm losing. Some people just have no soul.

I may send the original Mr Tonsilpus (the first one ever made of two) with a new passport, off to the remaining locations; Australia, New Zealand and Lebanon, if I don't get the little guy back from his last host by the end of March.

If you were a member of the old Mr Tonsilpus Facebook group, you'll need to apply for membership of his new group because FB has migrated the whole thing and now there are only two members! There were almost 300 members in the last     one. Type in 'Mr Tonsilpus' on the search bar and you should find the group.


1 comment:

Mjolinir said...

Xf - I still hope you can get "Mr T" back.
But if not - can I please have the honour of 'launching' his replacement?